Regulatory Compliance

All organisations, irrespective of size or market sector, have a myriad of continually evolving laws, regulations, guidelines and standards to which they must comply.

Sustainable Sourcing & Product Stewardship

We support companies to audit and verify sources of material for manufacturing of products, ensuring sustainable sourcing and quality.

End of Life Electronics Disposal

Guide the effective disposal of Electronic products at end of life by exploring options that promote reuse, responsible data management to ensure GDPR compliance, material recovery and recycling.

Standards Development and Implementation

We support the development and implementation of standards that improve manufacturing, product life cycle utilisation.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Support organisations with the development of CSR programmes designed to increase the social impact of the organisation.

Research Projects and Pilot Programs

We conduct research projects for organisations on a bespoke basis across the supply chain, distribution, use and disposal phases of products.